Quintessa Evangeline Improvise

IMPROVISE – New Single Out Now!

Quintessa Evangeline Improvise

Quintessa Evangeline’s newest single IMPROVISE is now available on all listening platforms. Improvise is a pop song with an R&B vibe. It’s about getting out of your head and into your heart, and taking a chance on a new love connection. Click here to listen now on SPOTIFY.

IMPROVISE: to create and perform spontaneously/without preparation, or make something from whatever is available.

To improvise is to surrender to the unknown and still feel OK to try out new things.

Are there benefits from “improvising” beyond the creative realm? Can “improvising” help a person live a better life?

By applying the notion of “improvising” like one might do in a dance or play to real life situations in general, we force ourselves into a position of “not knowing” what’s going to happen, tapping into an energy that is beyond the “need to know”, where there is no right or wrong, only what is, where we can be assured that whatever we choose must be in some way “right”, otherwise, it would not be an option.

Even if something doesn’t seem right (in the time afterward) – in order to turn what is “wrong into a right” – we must be able to accept what was done, and allow the situation to unfold and transform through acceptance and unconditional love.

What if our “mistakes” are exactly what was supposed to happen?

To be sure, we all make mistakes – even with the best planning, they happen. So why do we stress so much about avoiding them? By improvising then, we allow ourselves (and others) the space to do so. This is living in a state of flow where we create life as we go, instead of trying to design something and then fit ourselves into it.

“The most useful virtues, for one who walked on, were flexibility and a willingness to improvise.”
― Rachel Hartman, Tess of the Road

Without the pressure to perform or “create” something perfectly or according to a certain plan, we can thereby free ourselves from the idea of “making mistakes”. This in turn allows us to approach life with forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and others – we are in an altogether better headspace to begin with – because ultimately we know that we are all “improvising” and trying our best.

When we are afraid to make mistakes however, we become rigid in our plans for the future, and we lose the flexibility we need to adapt to our ever-changing environment. We are often plagued with anxiety, worrying about what is coming next and wondering if we made the right decision or move. When what’s next actually does arrive, we are burdened by whether or not we’ve met the expectations that we or others may have set for the situation.

What if there is no such thing as a “mistake”, only redirection?

When we allow ourselves freedom to create and live freely, we move beyond the duality of right and wrong into a space of constant learning and evolving.  Living the opposite way – forcing ourselves to choose a path – we are more likely to give our power over to others. We feel “pressure” to get things right, and may think we need to trust someone else because they “know better”. However, even the rightest of people are not always right. Situations are subjective, and contextual – in a different time or place, what was or is deemed to be wrong, might now be right, and vice versa.

What if we are not meant to walk such a linear line – where we are constantly afraid to fall off and do something wrong?

Sure, sometimes we listen to or get input from others – someone with more experience or education in a certain area perhaps – but ultimately, WE must act. The final decision of what to do or what not to do is completely ours and ours alone – and we must be OK with that. Why not create a scenario where making that decision comes from a place of confidence and contentment then – a choosing borne of the present moment.


What if we could trust ourselves enough to lead ourselves, even when we cannot see the next step, with every move a learning experience?


In order to be autonomous members of society – someone who is able to think freely and critically, who avoids being manipulated, and acts only out of integrity, not worry of punishment or ostracization – one must move free of fear.

We need to be our own judge, and to do so, we must allow ourselves the space to develop that ability.

It may be naive to believe that people never want to do bad things. Certainly, people may act unfavourably at times. The question should always be, why? Are they genuinely trying to hurt others, or derive some kind of benefit at someone else’s expense? Or are they just ignorant, do they believe they cannot change to do better, or are they under pressure to reach a certain outcome based on outside influences?

“I improvise therefore I exist!”
― Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land

By transcending what we think we “know” or what others individually say they “know”, and allowing ourselves to connect to the larger universe in the present moment – a source of all-knowing – we will make the right choices. They will BE “right” for us all, which means they will be what is “right” for us too. We must let go of the individual ego and our collection of things we believe are “right” or “wrong” in order to do this.

As we have ultimate faith in ourselves, we also have faith in the Divine plan.

Besides, according to the Socratic Paradox, the only thing we can know for sure is that we know nothing. If that is the case, then why not allow yourself to be inspired!

Let your decision-making process come from your intuition in the moment, no longer based on a top-down leadership of imposed values and directions like “this is the way to do things”. In fact, there is NO ONE WAY. Act from an empowered place of imagination and inspiration.

You contain the piece and the peace. There is no missing knowledge, only what you still have to learn.

I hope you enjoy the song.

~ peace and love, Q.