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MOSAIC – New Single Out Now!

Quintessa Evangeline’s newest single MOSAIC is now available on all listening platforms. Mosaic is a hip hop song about expressing your authenticity, embracing your unique journey, and becoming the artist of your own life. Click here to listen now on SPOTIFY.

Discovering your true nature…

Nature is everything. It is infinite. It is perfect as is, and it is only through our perception of it, that it becomes limited because we are unable to grasp infinity in its entirety. It is full, and yet it will never BE full. There is always room for more. It is constantly creating something out of nothing, at a rate faster than we can possibly comprehend. In fact, it is only out of what doesn’t already exist, that something else comes into existence.

Every part is a whole in and of itself, yet it is also a part of the larger whole – and therefore, only a fraction. But it takes all of those parts to make the whole what it is. Each part is necessary for an outside observer to get the full picture, and even then, it is not full, but only full for the moment – a snapshot, a moment in time or even a person’s lifetime in terms of the entire universal lifetime.

The bigger picture…

When we mention the infinite nature of life, we must take into account all possibilities, for it has the potential to be anything. It is in a constant state of change – an endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth. If the question is ‘to be or not to be’, then the answer must be ‘to become’. Life is always becoming. That said, in order to create a reality – that exists as REAL for a time being – we must create and define what that reality is. However, when we do that, we always indirectly create what isn’t – since we need to be able to differentiate the two. We create a story through dualities and separation. We remove life from its state of flow and identify it as individual. We give it specialized meaning. This is only natural for humans because we want to matter, i.e. we want our life to have meaning. And we DO matter, for we are individual parts of a whole with a unique purpose for being.  It is our purpose to be as authentically true to ourselves and our hearts as possible. In doing so, we are able to live our fullest potential and serve our purpose in the greater whole. We are doing the one thing that only we can do, which must be why we are here.

Our minds will try to create our story in order to have it make sense, trying to define reality through duality. However, the heart will naturally intuit what is going on. If we can trust ourselves and our hearts to guide us more often, we can bypass indirectly focussing and giving energy to things we don’t like, or want in our reality.

Out of sight, out of mind…

Just because we do not see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. No thing can exist without its opposite. So if we have a goal to live a good life, the idea or possibility of a bad life must also exist. It’s impossible to completely block out what we don’t want to experience from our reality, for if we want to be a part of a whole, we can not control everything that happens, and I’m not advocating simply using ‘rose coloured glasses’ either. However, if we can view the negatives from another perspective, maybe we can find solace during those difficult moments. If we can view them as essential part of nature, maybe we can see the light.

Both sides of the coin are needed to make a coin. Where there is good, there is bad. Where there is a choice we want, there is also a choice we don’t want. We separate and categorize things so that we can navigate ourselves through a life that is unbiased. That’s our personal story, and because it is personal, it will not appear the same as anyone else’s. We are given the ability to shape our own story, through our own perceptions. Since life is gonna give us the bad with the good, it is up to us to choose our own interpretation. So why not choose to see the positive side of things? It’ll likely make that time more enjoyable.

If we can try to see the big picture, and understand the necessity of both sides to everything, we can learn to appreciate every part – alchemizing our entire experience into goodness. Sure, some parts may be more enjoyable than others, but without those hard parts, we wouldn’t even know that the good parts WERE the good parts. They would become unrecognizable, the same as everything else. Everything would be dull and lifeless, monotone and grey, and where’s the fun in that? No expansion, no trial and error, and nature would cease to exist, because it would never change. Something only works because we know that something else didn’t work.

Even in the case of something not working, who are we to judge if that thing worked or not? Maybe it fulfilled its exact purpose – we just weren’t aware of what that was? Also, two people can see the exact same circumstance and have two completely different points of view about it. What is beautiful to some, is hideous to others.

Obviously, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s simply the fact that we see can beauty OR ugliness though that proves the other exists. As mentioned above, a beautiful life can’t be beautiful if there is no ugliness to oppose it. Our opinions don’t really matter anyway because life will carry on existing no matter what we think.

It is when we choose to see the beauty in all of it that we become the artist of our own life.

On top of that, our minds change all the time, with the times, with the people we surround ourselves with, etc. If we judge less, and try to see things from another perspective, we can see MORE beauty. Suddenly, there’s beauty in everything, because everything is made from the same thing. We are all part of the whole, and as a part of that whole, we are perfect even if as individuals, we are flawed. Since we live from our own individual perspective, our views of beauty are subjective. From nature’s perspective though, there is only ONE real truth – we are alive right now and have the opportunity to shape the vision of what life is.

Self awareness, emotional intelligence, and empathy…

As energetic beings, we have a wide range of emotional states from which we draw in response to our environment. These states determine our frequency because our emotions are energy. Just as a stream of white light can be refracted into the colours of the rainbow, if we understand that each of our experiences (both good and bad) are simply part of the larger whole of experiences (both our own and everyone else’s as well), then we can shift our internal state into one of understanding and peace. We have life and we should appreciate the beauty in that. When we vibrate at a frequency of appreciation, we attract like experiences – like attracting like, so if we choose to see the goodness, we will attract more goodness.

By viewing negative emotion (or negative situations or situations we perceive as negative) as necessary parts of life – and from our new lens of understanding – we can then prevent these emotions and situations from controlling us. We can be grateful for having experienced them – they are part of the bigger picture, after all – and the only way we can truly know the flip side or the positive side of life.

By looking beyond our primal tendencies – our fears and our fight to survive – we regain control of our world. Doing this will allow us to exist at a higher, more positive frequency, which will in turn, attract to us more favourable experiences overall. Just as the rainbow is to sunlight, so are our spectrum of emotions to our larger scope of understanding – our sense of peace.

Yes, our white light resides within us – it is our awareness of perfection in all that is. With this awareness, we can move beyond separation, and acknowledge the interconnectedness of everything. Through that interconnectedness, we find our essential contribution to the whole is being exactly as we are. And we find perfection in the imperfect.

You are a star, made from the same matter as the suns in the sky – so shine on.

Like a sun, floating through the universe, magnetizing things into its orbit, people move through life, learning and growing and attracting like-minds. Let’s be like suns, and soak up all that life has to offer. Suns don’t worry about trivial things like who, what, where, and when. They just are. They live, attracting the right things to them at the right times.

So live your life, and chart your own path. Be like nature and just do your thing. Shine from the inside out and do not limit yourself. Others may make their own interpretations, but don’t let them define you. You’re a sun, keep growing and keep going. Follow your North Star, and trust yourself.

Be one with the infinite flow of life and acknowledge the perfection and fullness in every moment, and know that each one of those moments is making up the completed work of art, which is you/me/us. We are all – as individual lives – making up the completed work of art that is humanity, and so on and so forth. If we are being authentically ourselves, we are doing our part. We can only find our true authenticity by looking within, because everything else outside ourselves, isn’t us and there is no point in trying to compare.

If there’s beauty anywhere, there’s beauty everywhere – in you, in me, in everybody. We’re all made from the same substances, but we all appear different. We all come from the same place, but we all go about things in different ways.

That’s what keeps things interesting, colourful and full of life.

Life just is what it is – we all just have different takes on it.

There are many ways to wear the same outfit. Embrace your uniqueness. 

The more we live, the more everything that we’ve experienced in the past starts to make sense. Eventually, everything falls into place, and we are able to see things more clearly. We finally see the big picture, and we understand why things had to happen the way they did.

We cannot imagine what the puzzle is supposed to be from a single piece. As we put together more and more pieces however, we start to get the picture. The “aha” moment.

Accepting ourselves wherever we are on our journey allows us to see our lives from the eyes of the creator, and shine in our authenticity. It’s not about being good or bad, it’s about being OURSELVES and true to our nature. The only thing consistent in nature is change. The fact that we are here means we are going to grow, learn, change, and evolve.

Like anything in life, it just takes time to see the bigger picture. For now, just knowing there is one – and embracing what is – can grant us the same freedom.

YOU are a beautiful MOSAIC. I hope you enjoy the song.

Peace and love,

~ Q

P.S. I’ve attached some pages from two of my favourite books: “Peace: A Day At A Time” by Karen Casey, and “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown. I highly recommend reading both in full.

Images from Peace: A Day At A Time by Karen Casey

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown